Sweater: Bershka, Jeans: Bershka, Booties: Rachel Zoe, Bag: Valentino.

Fall and winter are all about layering up. Think thick sweaters and turtle necks. That is exactly what I'm all about this season. It's about staying warm, being comfortable and layering up, but still looking fashionable. In today's look I'm rocking a complete boho fall look. It's the perfect look for a Brooklyn chick. As some of you may know, New York City has a diverse style and I'm one of those Williamsburg girls.
Well, I'm keeping this post simple and on point. Let me know what you think of this look babes. Thanks. 

Brrrr. Juz prawie zima. Ja mysle tylko o cieplych swetrach and golfach. Wlasnie o to chodzi w jesienni i w zimie. Trzeba sie ubierac cieplo i komfortowo ale tez modnie wygladac. W dzisiejszej stylizacji akurat jestem kompletnie boho. To jest akurat zwyczajny look ktory mozna znalesc na Brooklynie. Moze wieszkosc was wiec, ale Nowy Jork, ma rozne style a ja akurat jestem z jednych z tych dziewczyn z Williamsburg. 
Dzisiaj trzymam opis na luz ale juz wracam w nowa wiadomoscia. Dajcie znac co myslicie o tej stylizacji kochani.

New York, NY, USA


Turtle Neck: Uniqlo, Jeans: Topshop, Jacket: Bershka, Shoes: All Black Footwear, Bag: Valentino.

Some people are afraid to make statements. In fashion, I believe it is all about making statements. In an era, where the blogging market is saturated, the only way you can stand out is by being authentic, truly yourself, and really making a statement. 
I used to be afraid of mixing and matching. I used to be afraid of wearing bold colors or bold patterns. I always thought to myself, I'm going to look horrible in this. I always followed the basic fashion rules. Well guess what? Forget that. Break the rules. You will look amazing in anything babe. Today, I'm doing exactly that. Breaking the rules. I will wear a bold electric blue jacket if I want and I will pair it with chic statement shoes. BECAUSE WHY NOT? BREAK THE RULES, GIRL!

New York, NY, USA

Simple Black & White

Top: Zara, Skirt: Zara, Bag: Valentino, Boots: Rachel Zoe.

It's clearly that time of the year to layer up, bundle up, and wear those puffers to stay warm and cozy. BUT New York City has it's own weather mood swings. One day it'll be 45 degrees and the next 60. So what do you do? Utilize the weather!

For months, I've been searching for the perfect matching two piece staple that would be perfect to wear anywhere. I literally went to dozens of stores, but everything I tried on was either too big or just did not fit right. Urghhhh the problems of being petite. Just about a week ago, I was at Zara and I fell in love with this two piece. I had to get it! It fit me perfectly and is perfect to wear about anywhere from work to dinners to going out for drinks with friends. It's appropriate for fall and you can pair it with just about anything! 

Well, problem solved! Let me know if you have any recommendations for other two pieces that you think would suit me. I am always searching for them! 

New York, NY, USA

# 186 Planning Away

Aghhh! The life of an influencer and fashion blogger is very hectic sometimes. Whether we are scheduling posts or attending events, organization is key for us. I love to use the calendar on my phone to manage my time, BUT I am still old fashioned and love to use a planner to coordinate my schedule. 
So here it is!!! Erin Condren just launched their 2018 ERIN CONDREN LIFEPLANNER™. Erin Condren allows you to create a custom planner. I custom made my planner and it is my favorite planner of ALL TIME that I have been using to really manage my time.  Honestly I have not been disappointed thus far. 
Firstly, all of the other planners I had were just plain boringgggggg and who likes boring? No one! Planners do not have to be boring. I like cute things and my planner from Erin Condren is just soooooo cute. I love the painted petal print of my planner and the fact that I was able to customize it to have my full name written on the cover! There are other prints available, but this one caught my eyes immediately and I had to get it. 
Secondly, the planner is full of positive messages! Who doesn't love to feel good about themselves or inspired? They can flip a frown right upside down. I love flipping through the pages of my planner because the quotes found on the pages make me feel great about myself and motivated to conquer the world.
Thirdly, this planner is THE ULTIMATE PLANNER. SERIOUSLY! NO JOKE! Not only are you able to organize your time on a day to day basis for the next year, but also from hour to hour on a daily basis. I feel like most planners lack this and as an influencer and blogger, this is extremely useful for me!
Like the idea? You can create your own planner too right here.  So for every cute girl, there is a planner! Just customize your cover with color choices and personalization. Choose your planning layout. Choose your color scheme. Choose either the 12-month or 18-month calendary option and choose your coil option. Then your planner will be right on it's way!

  • This post was sponsored by Erin Condren. Thank you for the beautiful planner! I never miss any event or meeting thanks to you.

New York, NY, USA

# 185 OH BOHO

Jacket: Zara, Dress: Band of Gypsies, Boots: Chloe, Clutch: Elliott Lucca, Earrings: Laura Elizabeth Jewelry.
I'm feeling so boho today. I LOVE IT. I guess I have a bit of the LA style still in me since I got back from my trip. Agh! I can't even tell you how much I love LA! I cannot wait to move there, but anyway I'm getting a bit off track here.
Recently, I came across Laura Elizabeth's site and I thought you might be interested in it! Laura Elizabeth designs BEAUTIFUL sustainable jewelry and each piece shares a different story. I immediately fell in love with her Chrissy earrings (aka the ones I'm wearing in this outfit). They were just simply stunning. 
Here is the story behind the earrings written by Laura Elizabeth: "With a sweet face, Chrissy got away with almost anything growing up. A good friend to get into trouble with..  We did exactly that.  Now, a happy and well-rounded mother and wife, I still see that twinkle of naughtiness in her eye."
Here is a story I wrote behind the earrings: "Growing up, the bullying would leave tears in her eyes. She often had suicidal thoughts and reached out to razor blades to cut herself. Everyone laughed and made fun of her, not knowing that every single word that came out of their mouths would deeply kill her inside. She hated herself. The only thought that came to her mind was that she has to leave this gray world. It came down to the point that she was sitting in her kitchen swallowing a variety of pills and a suicide note laying on the table. Her life was almost over until her sibling came home. Thankfully, her true friends and loved ones that really care about her, helped her fight the bullying and helped her on her road to recovery. This included the help of psychologists and psychiatrists. Today? Today, she is a strong, independent woman who knows that she is loved. Nothing can break her. Most importantly, she has learned to love herself and the beauty surrounding her. Those negative comments mean nothing today. She is a precious gem. One out of a million."

Note: If you or anyone you may know, have any suicidal thoughts please know that you are loved, you are not alone and please call the National Suicide Hotline Number 1-800-273-8255.


New York, NY, USA

# 184 Pretty in Pink

Top: Here, Jeans: Here, Flats: Here
Bag: Fanaberie. 

As a child, pink was one of my favorite colors. Growing older, I stayed away from wearing pink because I hated it on me. Being from New York City, I grew to love the classic black on black. I literally incorporated it into my whole closet (eek). 

Not too long ago, I decided it's time to say goodbye to my basic black on black clothing. It was time to add some colors into my wardrobe. We all need changes because change is good and starting with my closet was a great one. It's the small things in life that inspire you to do bigger things. Therefore that little small change in my life motivated me to implement changes in my life that you are about to see soon. For now, I'm sharing a new spring look with you while planning next week's blog post.

New York, NY, USA

# 183 Feelin' Blue

Jacket: Zara, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Bag: Elliott Lucca, Boots: Zara.

New Yorkers. We live a pretty busy, fast paced lifestyle. You'll always find us running from one place to another. I know for a fact that on a daily basis I'm always running around and I'm typically late for everything. One day I'll throw on sneakers and the next day I'll throw on heels. With me, you just never know... BUT I do get those days where I ditch the athleisure look and aim for casual. Here's an example. Enjoy!