# 134

Hat/Kapelusz: Forever 21, Dress/Sukienka: Victoria's Secret, Bag/Torebka: H&M, Belt/Pasek: Bloomingdales, Trench Coat/Kurtka: Michael Kors, Shoes/Buty: Jeffrey Campbells, Watch/Zegarek: Michael Kors, Bracelets/Branzoletki: Express.

I know I mentioned on my last post that I will be creating this post based off of my experience from Teen Vogue Fashion University, but today I really wanted to just mention one important matter and the inspiration came from my lovely friend Angelika and Abby. Before I share Abby's story, I just wanted to mention that todays outfit post features our lovely Abby.

The story of Abby really touched my heart. Abby is my friends dog and this is the story of how Abby became part of her family. Abby was just a puppy when she was found. She was found abandoned by my friend's friends sister in the park on a cold night. They struggled to find her a home, but they eventually did and her home became Angelika's house. As a puppy, Abby was afraid of everyone and everything to the point she would urinate. Why? Simply because she was abused and left in the park. She hated kids, she was afraid to love, and she had trouble with trusting humans. My point in telling you this, is to make you realize that it is not okay for any human to hurt any animal. It is not okay as well to force animals to breed or to even buy puppies because those puppies are from puppy mills. It is not okay as well to do any animal testing. In conclusion, I just wanted to say I will be taking action against such problems in our society. I would never and will never hurt an animal. As well, I will never buy a pet again, instead I will adopt. Also, I will not be turning fully vegan, but I will be adjusting my lifestyle to such a way where there will be less harm done to animals, by ditching the products that are tested on animals and clothing made from animals. One little thing and one person has the possibility of creating a change, saving a life and limiting the suffering. I will be that one person and I hope you will be one too!

    P.S. We have a surprise for our next post! We are working with Vinca, a jewelry company and we recieved a beautiful gift! You will see it in our next post!

# 133

"Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony."
— Coco Chanel
Let's face it! Black on black will always be trendy. It is a classic! It can be seen in outfits every where in the fashion industry in any season. Here is my black on black outfit with a little hint of gold.
Shoes/Buty: ASOS, Sweater/Sweter: TOPSHOP, Jeans/Dzinsy: Theory, Belt/Pasek: Zara, Bag/Torebka: Long Champ.
P.S. Our next post will be about my recent experience at Teen Vogue Fashion University! So, stay tuned! AND we will be launching a Frequent Asked Question tab, so if you have any questions for us, feel free to email us at Fash.Fab@aol.com or just leave questions in your comment. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

# 132

Sweater/Sweter: Anthropologie, Pants/Spodnie: Zara,              Sweater/Sweter: Abercrombie and Fitch, Shoes/Buty: Ivanka
Shoes/Buty: Wanted, Belt/Pasek: Coach.                               Trump and Fitch, Jacket/Kurtka: Abercrombie and Fitch,
                                                                                  Jeans/Dzinsy: Abercrombie and Fitch,            

# 131

Blazer/Marynarka: Bershka, Sweater/Sweter: Zara, Pants/Spodnie: Reserved, Shoes/Buty: Wanted, Bag/Torebka: Michael Kors, Necklace/Lancuszek: Urban Outfitters, and Watch/Zegarek: Michael Kors

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting a new post in a while! I have been busy! I was really busy with my permit test, exams, birthday, and my new job at Zara! I finally found time to make a cool new post and here it is! Mixing and matching is my favorite method of creating an outfit! Here is an outfit I created by simply mixing and matching. In this post as well, I have added pictures from birthday and birthday dinner which was October 2nd! Check them out! :)

Przepraszam ze nam zeszlo troche z nowym postem, ale bylam zajeta. Zdawalam egzamin zebym mogla jezdzic samochodem kolo kierowcy, mialam egzaminy, byly moje urodziny i rowniez staralam sie o prace w Zara i ja dostalam! Wreszcie znalazlam czas na nowy post i tu wybralam stylizacje nie dopasowana. Takie sa zawsze najlepsze! Mam nadzieje ze sie wam spodobaja! Rowniez dodalam zdjecia z moich urodzin! :)


Birthday Pictures:

Dress/Sukienka: Badgley Mischka

My dress for my birthday dinner! Dress/Sukienka: ASOS
My outfit for school! Top/Bluzka: Topshop, Shorts/Szorty: American Apparel, and Shoes/Buty: BCBG.