# 167 Fun in the Sun

Dress/Sukienka: Unknown, Shoes/Buty: Steve Madden, Hat/Kapelusz: Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses/Okulary: Ray Ban.

# 161 On the Go!

Shorts/Szorty: HERE/TUTAJ, Sweater/Sweter: The Limited, Leather Jacket/Skorzana Kurtka: Hollister, Sunglasses/Okulary: Nordstrom, Loafers/Lofersy: Dolce Vita

# 159 Hello May!

Top/Bluzka: ASOS, Pants/Spodnie: Zara, Shoes/Buty: Christian Louboutin, Bag/Torebka: Tory Burch, Jacket/Kurtka: Michael Kors.

# 158 Baby Blue

Top/Bluzka: Topshop, Jacket/Kurtka: Here, Pants/Spodnie: Zara, Flats/Baletki: Kenneth Cole, Sunglasses/Okulary: Ray Bans. 

# 156 Minty Walk

Top/Bluzka: Here, Denim Button Down/Dzinsowa Koszula: Zara, Shorts/Szorty: Topshop, Plaid Button Down/Koszula w krate: Hollister, Hat/Kapelusz: BCBG.

# 154 Hello April!

 photo blog_zpsd8ef905b.png
Top/Bluzka: Abercrombie & Fitch, Skirt/Spodnica: Abercrombie & Fitch,  Bag/Torebka: Bershka, Jacket/Kurtka: Brooks Brothers, Shoes/Buty: Jimmy Choo

# 153 Romwe Giveaway

Hello! As it is getting warmer out, there is a growing demand for lace. I mean who does not love lace? I love lace! You can match it with anything whether it is a girl, vintage or even edgy look! It goes perfect with every look! This black lace blouse in 3D embroidery from Romwe is perfect for everyone! 

# 152 Black on Black

Top/Bluzka: Bergdorf Goodman, Shorts/Szorty: Zara, Hat/Czapka: Michael Kors, Bag/Torebka: Vintage, Shoes/Buty: Anne Klein, Socks/Skarpetki: Calvin Klein.


Shoes/Buty: NYLON MAGAZINE, Top/Bluzka: American Apparel, Pants/Spodnie: H&M (old collection), Hat/Kapelusz: BCBG, Watch/Zegarek: Michael Kors.


As a New Yorker, as a fashion blogger, as a fashion student, I feel dedicated that NYLON Magazine has reached out to me to work with their online shop. For me as just a beginner in the fashion industry, this has been one of my biggest achievements and one of my dreams that has come true. I've always pictured myself working in the fashion industry and working with NYLON is one of the steps that will take me to having my dream come true. 

# 149 Louboutins

 A woman's bestfriend are Louboutins.

 I finally purchased my first pair of beautiful Christian Louboutin pumps. After being indecisive for a while, I finally made my decision and went to the Christian Louboutin located on 964 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022. I tried on only two pairs and I automatically fell in love with my Pigalle 120 mm black pumps. I couldn't help it! I just had to buy them and that is exactly what I did! I'm also thinking about buying white ones! Both black and white pumps are essential and the benefit of it is that you can match them with about anything and of course the beautiful red sole! The shoes came in a shoe box wrapped. On top of the wrapping, there are two red duffle bags and then the box is covered. 

I have not worn my Louboutins out yet, but I will be posting an outfit post in them really soon! 

# 148 Pretty Pink

Top/Bluzka: Topshop, Watch/Zegarek: Michael Kors, Jeans/Dzinsy: Urban Outfitters, Bag/Torebka: Primark, Jacket/Kurtka: Brook Brothers, Shoes/Buty: Jimmy Choo.

# 147 Dress Lily

Top/Bluzka: Dress LilyPants/Spodnie: Mango, Jacket/Kurtka: Gift from Peru, Shoes/Buty: Kelsi Dagger, Hat/Czapka: Select, Bag/Torebka: Primark.

# 146

Top/Bluzka: Primark, Jeans/Dzinsy: Primark, Bag/Torebka: Primark, Belt/Pasek: Coach, 
Shoes/Buty: Anne Klein, Hat/Czapka: Select.

# 145

Shirt/Bluzka: Sammy Dress, Skirt/Spodnica: Sammy Dress, Belt/Pasek: Sammy Dress, Sun glasses/Okulary: Firmoo, Fur/Futerko: Tahari, Shoes/Buty: Anne Klein.

Welcome in this new year. I cannot complain because my year has started off at a great start! I've been really busy especially since I'm leaving New York City today for a 10 day trip to England! I'm so excited! I have never been to England and I am exciting in seeing London! I will definitely add pictures on my blog from my trip! As well, I wanted to make an announcement that the pictures on my blog will be better quality. I have ordered new lenses and flashes for my camera! Woohoo! Anyway, for todays post I wanted to introduce to my lovely readers two companies that are beyond amazing. They are Sammy Dress and Firmoo.

Sammy Dress: Sammy dress is a retailer that sells trendy women apparel for inexpensive prices. Their pieces are beyond amazing, the quality as well, and its crazy of just how many items you can buy for such a low price. I was amazed with the items I bought and how much money I saved. The items were just like I expected them to be. They fit me perfectly and the material was great quality for such a price. I definitely recommend shopping and ordering items from Sammy Dress. 

Here is the link to their site Sammy Dress

Firmoo: Firmoo is a popular online eyeglasses retailer. They sell excellent quality eyewear at affordable prices. Their glasses are $8 and up. I ordered my first Firmoo sunglasses and I swear, they are amazing. Usually when I wear sunglasses, they usually tend to be heavy and they hurt my nose bridge. My sunglasses from Firmoo are light and they do not hurt my nose bridge from the weight. I also have a pair of Ray Bans and honestly these sunglasses are the same as my Ray Bans. The only difference is the brand names.

I highly recommend ordering products from Firmoo. You can order your own eye wear at Firmoo. Have I mentioned that your first order of eyewear is free? YES! It's hard to believe, but it is true. Each customer is obligated to receive their first eye wear for FREE. All you have to do is become a member and enter a code during the billing process. Here is a link with a little more information on that Click. As well, fashion bloggers can sign up to affiliate with Firmoo. Here is the link for that Click

Also here are links to some of my favorite sunglasses:
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