Golden eye.

I haven't posted a picture of my eye makeup in a while so here it is :)

Plain old Friday!

Oh I love fridays :) Well this is what I basically wore today after school! 
Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Jeans- Zara
Ring- Forever21
Of course I am also wearing my new favorite perfume by Victoria's Secret :)

Urban Decay Naked Palette!

I am a very big makeup fan! Today I finally bought the Urban Decay Naked Makeup palette. I can't wait to create multiple different looks with this palette. I also can't wait for the new Urban Decay Naked Makeup palette to come out :)

P.S. Urban Decay does not do product testing on animals!

Dark Monday.

Black faux fur vest- Urban Outfitters
Red turtle neck- unknown
Leggings- Urban Outfitters
Wedges- Jeffrey Campbell
Bag- Urban Outfitters
Striped sweater- Unknown
Pink bright pants- Topshop
Black Platforms- Jeffrey Campbell

Partial Outfit

So today's a cold day and it feels like winter. I feel like being an animal and hibernating for the season. Here's todays partial outfit :)
Sweater- Princess Vera Wang
Bag- Michael Kors

Lazy blue day.

Today was one of my lazy days. I love plain shirts that are loose on me when it is a lazy day.
This plain shirt is from Pink.

This is a custom made scarf by me. I really wanted a hand made scarf so my mom made me one and then I put the spikes on it myself :3

Nicki Minaj lipstick

I personally love the color! It does not stay on for too long and my lips do get dry after this lipstick, but I love the beautiful neon pink shade! It looks really cool on lips up close. I bought this lipstick in MAC :)

Hologram Nailpolish. Holler!

I love this nail polish :) It's the Silver Hologram from Urban Outfitters. It was only $10 and the colors really beautiful up close. Of course I can't stop spending money at the store I work at because I love everything there >..<

MONEY IN THE WALLET! Wallet shopping :)

I bought this wallet today at work because I thought it was cute and it is! It was only $20 at Urban Outfitters :)

Out of all the wives of presidents' in the white house Michelle Obama is the best dressed.

Yes, I am a supporter of Obama, but this has nothing to do with my political views and beliefs. In my opinion Michelle Obama is the best dressed out of all the women that were married to a president and lived with them in the white house!

Let's shop some tops!

I am addicted to buying tops. 3/4 of all my clothes are mostly just tops... that's just how much I love them. Well now I'm doing some online shopping and I'd like to share some tops I found that I thought were must haves, but most importantly these tops are sweaters!

First I was looking at some sweaters and here are some sweaters I liked:
It's sweater weather. This sweater caught my attention. Although it is plain, I love the color. It is a very nice shade. The color is suitable for the fall and it sets the mood of staying warm in the fall. Most importantly it is not one of those tight sweaters... It is a bit oversized. It will be great to wear with just plain black leggings! This is a must have in my closet. This sweater is from Brandy Melville.

This sweaters also very plain, but I love plain simple sweaters. They make a person look a bit more classy :) This sweaters from Victorias Secret.
I was working in the fitting room today and I noticed a lot of our customers have been trying on and buying this sweater. I understand why though. The sweater is super duper thick in person when you touch it and it is very warm. I love the back of the sweater and it is so soft. Ughhh... I need to buy this sweater tomorrow ASAP! By the way you can find this sweater at Urban Outfitters.

This sweaters from the LOFT. I love the stripes!


It's Friday people! Everyone loves this day of the week. Here's todays outfit I wore to class :)
Sweater- Forever 21
Scarf- American Apparel
Jeans- Zara
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbells

Lauren Conrad

Okay this is my last post tonight! I still can't believe one month ago I met Lauren Conrad at her book signing. I still remember what she said... she told me I have mastered my eyes and that she loves them :') She also gave me the best fashion advice ever! No one can ever bring me down because if Lauren Conrad says I have mastered my eye makeup then it is true and others are wrong <3



Well now that I bought my ticket to Poland, I can finally continue my usually weekly shopping sprees! This is what a fashion school does to you... it makes you become a shopaholic to max! Anyways, so I work at Urban Outfitters and these are my favorite items that the store sells!

In my opinion the back of this top is very cute! I like tops with open backs and bows!

Let's face it people... it feels like winter. You want to look stylish, but feel comfortable and warm. This top is perfect for me at least. Its a long sleeve and warm. It also a peplum top and peplum tops are in style at the moment. This top will be perfect for my collection!

Even though it's cold out now, the weather will not stop me from purchasing dresses. I love this dress. Yes it's a bit plain and I have a similar dress in my closet from Urban Outfitters, but you know what... I don't care. I LOVE IT! I might as well purchase it. :)
It's so funny how I bought these leggings in June and they are still in stock. Well I must say they are super duper comfortable! I love them! Those are my favorite leggings and they are in my room some where....

Well bloggers... Now I'm going to sleep because I have class at 9:45 a.m. and of course its introduction to visual merchandising :) I will keep you all posted tomorrow!


P.S. I have decided to team up with my bestfriend Aleksandra to run this blog, so stay tuned for some fun posts :)


I am a very big fan of make-up! I never leave my house without make-up. I LOVE cat liners and lipsticks. This is my favorite shade and when I run out of this shade of lipstick I always go out and buy another one! :)


Each and every one of us has a person they are inspired by. I am personally inspired by Lauren Conrad and fashion blogs. My favorite fashion blog is:
Check her blog out! It's pretty cool.

I live. breathe. love. FASHION.

So I have been debating for months whether to create a fashion blog or not. Today I decided to create this blog. I am not doing this just because I am interested in fashion, I am doing it because I love fashion. This is what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I will be working in the fashion industry and right now I am just studying fashion. My dream is to one day become a stylist or visual merchandising manager. I will do anything to accomplish this dream. In this blog you will also be able to get great make up tips since I am very interested in make up. Well I hope you fall in love with fashion too :)

SO EVERYONE... It is November. It is still the autumn season. What comes to mind when you think of Autumn? Brown, yellow, gold, red, orange, and black colors. Well these shoes are a must! Wedges are perfect for this season and here are a pair of my favorite wedges that are perfect for this season :)

These are Jeffrey Campbell shoes! You can order a pair now from Urban Outfitters! They are on sale for $69.99, I believe. Their really comfortable and their a must have for the season!