I live. breathe. love. FASHION.

So I have been debating for months whether to create a fashion blog or not. Today I decided to create this blog. I am not doing this just because I am interested in fashion, I am doing it because I love fashion. This is what I will be doing for the rest of my life. I will be working in the fashion industry and right now I am just studying fashion. My dream is to one day become a stylist or visual merchandising manager. I will do anything to accomplish this dream. In this blog you will also be able to get great make up tips since I am very interested in make up. Well I hope you fall in love with fashion too :)

SO EVERYONE... It is November. It is still the autumn season. What comes to mind when you think of Autumn? Brown, yellow, gold, red, orange, and black colors. Well these shoes are a must! Wedges are perfect for this season and here are a pair of my favorite wedges that are perfect for this season :)

These are Jeffrey Campbell shoes! You can order a pair now from Urban Outfitters! They are on sale for $69.99, I believe. Their really comfortable and their a must have for the season!

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