# 185 OH BOHO

Jacket: Zara, Dress: Band of Gypsies, Boots: Chloe, Clutch: Elliott Lucca, Earrings: Laura Elizabeth Jewelry.
I'm feeling so boho today. I LOVE IT. I guess I have a bit of the LA style still in me since I got back from my trip. Agh! I can't even tell you how much I love LA! I cannot wait to move there, but anyway I'm getting a bit off track here.
Recently, I came across Laura Elizabeth's site and I thought you might be interested in it! Laura Elizabeth designs BEAUTIFUL sustainable jewelry and each piece shares a different story. I immediately fell in love with her Chrissy earrings (aka the ones I'm wearing in this outfit). They were just simply stunning. 
Here is the story behind the earrings written by Laura Elizabeth: "With a sweet face, Chrissy got away with almost anything growing up. A good friend to get into trouble with..  We did exactly that.  Now, a happy and well-rounded mother and wife, I still see that twinkle of naughtiness in her eye."
Here is a story I wrote behind the earrings: "Growing up, the bullying would leave tears in her eyes. She often had suicidal thoughts and reached out to razor blades to cut herself. Everyone laughed and made fun of her, not knowing that every single word that came out of their mouths would deeply kill her inside. She hated herself. The only thought that came to her mind was that she has to leave this gray world. It came down to the point that she was sitting in her kitchen swallowing a variety of pills and a suicide note laying on the table. Her life was almost over until her sibling came home. Thankfully, her true friends and loved ones that really care about her, helped her fight the bullying and helped her on her road to recovery. This included the help of psychologists and psychiatrists. Today? Today, she is a strong, independent woman who knows that she is loved. Nothing can break her. Most importantly, she has learned to love herself and the beauty surrounding her. Those negative comments mean nothing today. She is a precious gem. One out of a million."

Note: If you or anyone you may know, have any suicidal thoughts please know that you are loved, you are not alone and please call the National Suicide Hotline Number 1-800-273-8255.


New York, NY, USA