# 127

Getting ready for school, eh? You don't know what to wear, eh? We were there too just a few days ago and now we are one week into our fall semester. For the first day of school, everyone always wants to look cute! Well, Sammie and I put together two outfits for you that might give you some ideas and they might even help you decide what to wear. We aimed for simple looks that will make everyone look cute! And what makes you look cuter than skirts? Check out the looks below!

By the way, I just wanted to say that New York Fashion Week is coming up, and guess what? Sammie and I will interning for Elle magazine for fashion week! So, stay tuned for our next post with our experience interning for Elle magazine :)

Top/Bluzka- Zara, Skirt/Spodnica- Topshop, Shoes/Buty- Jeffrey Campbells, Watch/Zegarek- Michael Kors, Necklace/Lancuszek- Gift

Corset Top/Bluzka- Abercrombie and Fitch, Skirt/Spodnice- Aritzia, Watch/Zegarek- Michael Kors, Shoes/Buty- Tory Burch

# 126

Fashion is open to interpretation. Everyone sees and creates a look based on what they see in their minds. The looks created in our minds, do not always fit in the category of what is "in' and most often, people tend to have the similar ideas. Since we are currently in the summer season, I wanted to make a post about my interpretation of the most "perfect" summer outfit that I have created in my mind. In my interpretation of the most "perfect" summer outfit, a "perfect" summer outfit contains high-waisted shorts with a top tucked in, oxfords, and a graphic hat. I decided to turn my interpretation into reality. For the outfit, I wore my high-waisted shorts that are mainly grey and shades of blue with a black laced shirt tucked in. I did not really have many oxfords to choose from for my outfit, since most of my shoes are back in NYC. So, I tried to choose a pair that I had with me that would match this outfit the most and the ones that matched the most were my gray oxfords. I also wore my boyfriends Obey hat just to keep the look under my style. 

Well, I hope you like this look! Leave comments below! :) Have a great day everyone!


Top/Bluzka- Unknown
Shorts/Szorty- New Yorker
Hat/Czapka- Obey Clothing
Shoes/Buty- Unknown

# 125

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't blogged in two weeks because I have been busy, but I did find the time to take some photos and to update my blog. For this outfit post, I chose an outfit that would be perfect for a day outdoors with my boyfriend. I went for a simple classic look. I rarely wear skirts, but in this post, I am wearing my black BCBG pencil skirt with my black and white panda shirt. I also wore my BCBG sandals that are brown and gold. 

Anyways, what do you like about this look? What do you not like about this look? Leave comments below and check out my little preview for our next post ;)


P.S. I wanted to say it was my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend on July 23. There will be a special post dedicated for this :)

(Left- my hand, Right- my boyfriends hand)

Top/Bluzka- Urban Outfitters
Skirt/Spodnica- BCBG
Shoes/Buty- BCBG