# 144

Shoes/Buty: Jimmy Choo, Top/Bluzka: Theory, Jeans/Dzinsy: Hollister, Jacket/Kurtka: Banana Republic, Clutch/Torebka: Zara, Necklace/Lancuszek: Zara, Watch/Zegarek: Michael Kors.

Lets end this year with our last post of the year of 2013. 2013 was full of hard work, challenges, and obstacles to overcome, but it was full of accomplishments as well. Looking back at this year, I must say although I lost someone very close to me forever, 2013 has been one of my best years. They say what kills you makes you stronger and that is true. This year has made me a stronger person and it has made me grow as a person. I just wanted to say I hope everyone feels that 2013 was a good year for them as well. Now to end this year, I want to end it with a classic outfit post.

# 143

Top/Koszulka: H&M, Pants/Spodnie: Mango, Shoes/Buty: Nine West.

Animal prints have been and always will be "in" and trendy. Face it, these prints are extremely popular and they are adored by most people. Most people say it's not very easy to pull off a look with animal prints, especially a more sophisticated one. I completely agree and in my opinion, it is best to keep a simple look while trying to pull off these prints. You want your prints to catch others attention, don't

# 142

T-shirt/Koszulka: Vlada Morozov (Click), Leggings/Leggingsy: American Apparel,  Jacket/Kurtka: Brooklyn Industries, Bag/Torebka: Michael Kors, Shoes/Buty: Anne Klein.

Has anyone ever heard of scannable t-shirts? I sure haven't until recently. Not too long ago, a young designer Vlada Morozov, reached out to me on Fash Fab's email. In her email, she introduced me to her product and her product sparked my interest because honestly I have never seen or even heard of a scannable t-shirt.  

Do you want to know how this product works and what makes it so special? These t-shirts are graphic t-shirts

# 141

Jacket/Kurtka: Banana Republic, Sweater/Sweter: Topshop, Skirt/Spodnica: Topshop, Shoes/Buty: Aldo, Backpack/Plecak: Unknown.
Hello! It is December and it is definitely starting to feel like winter in New York City. It's freezing outside and the temperature is down in the twenties, but the cold will not keep me away from going outside or blogging or dressing cute! It will

# 140

Jacket/Kurtka: Unknown, Top/Bluzka: BCBG MAXAZRIA, Pants/Spodnie: Zara, Shoes/Buty: BCBG.

Hello! So, it has been a while since our last post. I apologize for the delay, but I have booking various roles and  I am very busy with being on set. On Monday I was a feature for the movie Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale and now I booked another role for a music video tomorrow. As well, I will be working on set for Dynamite: A Cautionary Tale, again. Oh and what is very exciting about the movie is that the lead roles are played by Evanna Lynch from Harry Potter and Ian Harding from Pretty Little Liars! So as you can see I am very busy, but I will try to answer all emails and comments asap! So to make this short, here is an outfit post aiming for one of my everyday looks! Enjoy!