# 141

Jacket/Kurtka: Banana Republic, Sweater/Sweter: Topshop, Skirt/Spodnica: Topshop, Shoes/Buty: Aldo, Backpack/Plecak: Unknown.
Hello! It is December and it is definitely starting to feel like winter in New York City. It's freezing outside and the temperature is down in the twenties, but the cold will not keep me away from going outside or blogging or dressing cute! It will just make me bundle up and dress warmer. In relation to that, today's outfit, is a casual outfit perfect for this type of weather. It is really easy to pull off and it is really easy to create a similiar look. Just take out those over the knee high boots that are "in" now, black thick tights, a black skater skirt, a thick colored basic sweater, and a thick trench coat. You will end up having a similar outfit to mine.
By the way, I know I have a lot of comments and emails to reply to and I will get to that as soon as possible. I've just been very busy with filming, finals, affiliating, the holidays coming up, but I will be catching up with everything ASAP. As well, I have a couple of surprises coming up for everyone! So, be prepared! As well, I just wanted to say that I am leaving to England for a couple of days in January, so I will be gone for a little bit, but I will definitely share some pictures from my trip. Anyways, take care everyone! Have a wonderful weekend!
 OH AND GUESS WHAT I GOT FOR CHRISTMAS? (I know it sucks to know early what you get, but try to guess.)

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