# 142

T-shirt/Koszulka: Vlada Morozov (Click), Leggings/Leggingsy: American Apparel,  Jacket/Kurtka: Brooklyn Industries, Bag/Torebka: Michael Kors, Shoes/Buty: Anne Klein.

Has anyone ever heard of scannable t-shirts? I sure haven't until recently. Not too long ago, a young designer Vlada Morozov, reached out to me on Fash Fab's email. In her email, she introduced me to her product and her product sparked my interest because honestly I have never seen or even heard of a scannable t-shirt.  

Do you want to know how this product works and what makes it so special? These t-shirts are graphic t-shirts
and the graphic area contains a scannable encoding. You may think, "Oh, wow!", but the exciting part is that the scannable encoding has a special message for each person. The way this product works is you scan the scannable encoding with any bar code scanner application from Google or the Apple store. Then your secret message appears! Isn't that cool? The feature that makes this product so special is the fact that every t-shirt is encoded with a special message that can be read when scanned!

Why should you buy this product and where? Well, my question is why shouldn't you? This t-shirt is perfect to wear on a daily basis for almost any event. For example, hanging out with friends, staying home, going out, working out, etc. This product also makes a great Christmas present, birthday present, etc. So, now you might want to know where you can order this t-shirt? You can order it by clicking here.
In that case, todays outfit post is based off of this product. I have decided to incorporate it into my outfit. It is cold and snowy/rainy in New York City. For this purpose, I have decided to aim for a comfortable and warm look! So, check it out!

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