# 143

Top/Koszulka: H&M, Pants/Spodnie: Mango, Shoes/Buty: Nine West.

Animal prints have been and always will be "in" and trendy. Face it, these prints are extremely popular and they are adored by most people. Most people say it's not very easy to pull off a look with animal prints, especially a more sophisticated one. I completely agree and in my opinion, it is best to keep a simple look while trying to pull off these prints. You want your prints to catch others attention, don't
you? Well, in order to drag the eyes to just the print, stick to one print rather than mixing prints together. It will look great on you, I promise. In this case, I have put together a little outfit based off of my zebra print top. I stayed with a neutral palette consisting of shades of gray, black, and white. As well, some of my accessories are gold, but thats fine. And what did I end up with from doing this? A beautiful classical look that drags the eyes to my top! 

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