# 139

Sweater/Sweter: Joe Fresh, Jeans/Dzinsy: H&M, Shoes/Buty: Bakers, Bag/Torebka: Zara, Hat/Czapka: DimePiece LA (sold also at Urban Outfitters)
Hello everyone! So, as everyone knows, not only am I a fashion blogger and fashion student, but also an actress. Friday night, I filmed for the Fox television series The Following. You will be able to see me in the background in season 2 coming out in January. As if right now, I have another role booked for Wednesday and guess who else I got back? Sammie! We both booked roles in a movie and we will be filming Wednesday! When more information comes we will share it with you! Thank you for all your love and support! Here I have put together another outfit. It's more of a grunge/edgy look!

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