# 135

Happy belated Halloween to everyone! We hope everyone had an amazing time! We sure did! Anyway, we have some news for everyone! We started affiliating with a jewelry company called VINCA and they have AMAZING jewelry. You need to check out their website now and order their jewelry! On Monday, I received a package in the mail from VINCA and in it was a mirror gold fox necklace and a wooden diamond spike bangle! I fell in love with the jewelry right away! The mirrored gold fox necklace inspired us today to do a special post just about! So, check out our outfits in this post with the necklace! 

Necklace/Lancuszek: VINCA (Buy yours here now! VINCA), Sweater/Sweter: Topshop, Jeans/Dzinsy: Forever 21, Shoes/Buty: Jeffrey Campbells, Faux Fur Vest/Sztuczny Kozuch: Urban Outfitters, Hat/Kapelusz: Jessica Simpson, Watch/Zegarek: Michael Kors
Necklace/Lancuszek: VINCA, Shirt/Bluzka: Antropologie,  Jeans/Dzinsy: 7 For All Man Kinds, Shoes/Buty: Nikes, Hat/Kapelusz: Jessica Simpson

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