Well now that I bought my ticket to Poland, I can finally continue my usually weekly shopping sprees! This is what a fashion school does to you... it makes you become a shopaholic to max! Anyways, so I work at Urban Outfitters and these are my favorite items that the store sells!

In my opinion the back of this top is very cute! I like tops with open backs and bows!

Let's face it people... it feels like winter. You want to look stylish, but feel comfortable and warm. This top is perfect for me at least. Its a long sleeve and warm. It also a peplum top and peplum tops are in style at the moment. This top will be perfect for my collection!

Even though it's cold out now, the weather will not stop me from purchasing dresses. I love this dress. Yes it's a bit plain and I have a similar dress in my closet from Urban Outfitters, but you know what... I don't care. I LOVE IT! I might as well purchase it. :)
It's so funny how I bought these leggings in June and they are still in stock. Well I must say they are super duper comfortable! I love them! Those are my favorite leggings and they are in my room some where....

Well bloggers... Now I'm going to sleep because I have class at 9:45 a.m. and of course its introduction to visual merchandising :) I will keep you all posted tomorrow!


P.S. I have decided to team up with my bestfriend Aleksandra to run this blog, so stay tuned for some fun posts :)

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