# 149 Louboutins

 A woman's bestfriend are Louboutins.

 I finally purchased my first pair of beautiful Christian Louboutin pumps. After being indecisive for a while, I finally made my decision and went to the Christian Louboutin located on 964 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10022. I tried on only two pairs and I automatically fell in love with my Pigalle 120 mm black pumps. I couldn't help it! I just had to buy them and that is exactly what I did! I'm also thinking about buying white ones! Both black and white pumps are essential and the benefit of it is that you can match them with about anything and of course the beautiful red sole! The shoes came in a shoe box wrapped. On top of the wrapping, there are two red duffle bags and then the box is covered. 

I have not worn my Louboutins out yet, but I will be posting an outfit post in them really soon! 

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