Shorts/Szorty: HERE/TUTAJ, Sweater/Sweter: The Limited, Leather Jacket/Skorzana Kurtka: Hollister, Sunglasses/Okulary: Nordstrom, Loafers/Lofersy: Dolce Vita

I have been searching for a perfect pair of high waisted shorts everywhere. I have a couple of pairs from H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Apparel etc., however I wanted to find the perfect pair that perfectly fit me. I finally found my perfect pair and I highly recommend you to check them out HERE. Of course you will find other high waisted shorts on the site as well!

In today's outfit post, I decided to share a look I have created with my high waisted shorts. It is quite simple and you can often find me dressed in these kind of outfits on the go. With this meaning, you will always find me in comfortable bottoms, a loose top, comfortable shoes, a backpack, and of course sunglasses. Sunglasses are my always must-haves! Then, I am out and about! 
Przez dlugi czas szukalam idealne szorty z wysokim stanem. Mam kilka par z H&M, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Abercrombie and Fitch, American Apparel itd. ale szukalam te jedyne ktore beda po prostu idealne na mnie w pasie. Wkoncu mi sie udalo i jezeli chcecie tez znalesc swoja idealna pare polecam zagladnac TUTAJ
W dzisiejszej stylizacja zalozylam moje idealne szorty z wysokim stanie i z nich stworzylam cala stylizacje. Stylizacja jest prosta i czesto mozna mnie znalesc w takiej stylizacji jak sie spiesze gdzies. Najzwyczaj w takich stylizacjach sluza mi wygodne spodnie, luzna koszulka, wygodne buty, plecak i okulary. Oczywiscie okulary sa moje must-haves do kazdej stylizacji.

Once again, please click on the link to check out where I received my shorts from! HERE!
Prosze was zebyscie klikneli na link skad dostalam szorty! TUTAJ!