Throw backs

Hey guys! It's 2013! Woohoo. Today was the day everyone relaxed after their night of fun! I decided to do a throw back post today. I have decided to make a post consisting my old pieces of work from the summer. Enjoy!
Photography by Dominika Markiewicz.

Sweater- Abercrombie and Fitch
Jeans- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- Unknown
Clutch- BCBG

Here I styled and photographed my friends. I also did their makeup.

Brown Crop top- Unknown
Jean shorts- Zara
Glasses- Forever 21
Wedges- Steve Madden
Blue strapless top- Urban Outfitters
Black shorts- American Apparel
Headband- Forever 21
Shoes- unknown

Here are also some of my favorite beauty products :)

I love this facial mask! It smells good and it does not leave my skin oily. It's easy to take off and it actually works.

I love this facial wash. It leaves me skin soft and glowing!

I love washing myself with this! :)

Oh here's also some quick beauty tips! Use vaseline on your nails after washing your hands to make them grow faster and become stronger. Put vaseline on your eyelashes at night to make them grow ticker. Put vaseline on your lips to make your lips soft. ALSO USE SULFATE FREE SHAMPOOS! THEY WILL MAKE YOUR HAIR HEALTHIER!

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