Vint it out

Hey guys! I have been busy lately with work and my own personal life so I haven't blogged in two days I believe? Well anyway heres todays outfit! By the way today was an amazing day. It was rainy at night which did make me uspet, but PERFECT WEATHER TO GO SHOPPING. I went shopping with my mom and I even decided to take a picture with her when we got home. I love my mom so much. She is my best friend and I honestly don't need anyone else besides for her! My cousin finally got her license in Poland and I am so proud of her! My friends mother got her green card after 20 years.  I found out my GPA today and I am really happy about it. 

Sunglasses- Juicy Couture
Shirt- Urban Outfitters
Jeggings- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- BCBG
Bag- Jessica Simpson

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