Week 1

It has been a week since I last updated my blog! Yikes... That is a long time! Well let me tell you all how my trip is going so far. My flight from NYC was delayed for two and a half hours. Then I missed my plane to Krakow from Berlin and I was stuck in Berlin for almost the whole entire day. I had a lot of fun though. I walked around near the airport. I went into stores. Unfortunately, I did not buy anything because I did not have any Euros on me. Then I caught my flight from Berlin to Munich. There, I had to wait also until I would catch my plane to Krakow. It was quite an adventure though, but my horrible plane trip was not over yet. They lost my luggage. -_- I was very upset, but they found it the next day. So far I also went shopping! I love it how everything is so cheap here! I bought some cool stuff from Bershka! I wish they had this store in the U.S., but they don't. For the past few days, I have also been seeing my close friends and family, so I was not able to do anything exciting, but I will soon! 

Well, now from Poland I put together a little summer type outfit. SUMMER= DRESSES AND WEDGES! I definitely love this outfit because it is great for the summer and it looks casual. What do you think?


 Dress- Hollister
Wedges- Steve Madden
Sweater- Ralph Lauren



Meet my baby Zoey! 

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